The use of lacquers of different colors

A couple of decades ago, women preferred to paint nails lacquers of red, orange, pink shades. It was highly desirable that the tone paint match the tone of lipstick. This manicure was considered a classic. The use of varnishes extravagant shades, and nail varnish in different colours, was considered a sign of bad taste. Today it is not only acceptable, but also very fashionable.

Modern women are very boldly combine shades of nail polishes in its sole discretion. The technology of performance of manicure can be different. For example, currently very fashionable to paint 4 nail of one hand in one color and the fifth nail in the other. Using this technique, you can enhance the beauty of the modest ring on her finger.

It is also allowable to allocate the varnish in a different shade of nails on 2 fingers of one hand. In some cases, the appropriate manicure, in which nails are painted in different colors.

The choice of color nail Polish

To manicure looked really elegant and bright, it is necessary to correctly choose the shades of nail Polish and to be able to combine them together.

Currently you can use either complementary colors, and opposite. Manicure in which lacquers are used of different shades of the same color, it looks interesting, but the present looks bright combination of paints, colors which are on opposite sides of the color wheel. For example, nail purple color is very profitable emphasizes the enamel a greenish hue.

Young and bright girls can afford the combination of black and white lacquer. More Mature ladies can be advised to choose a less daring combinations. Looks very interesting so-called gradient manicure, where the nail of each finger is painted with varnish have less intense color than the coating that was used for the previous staining of the nail. This does not have to buy five different shades of varnish. You can purchase a one tone, and a special product that will help to dilute the lacquer, reducing the intensity of the selected hue.

In the summer you can afford a more bold color combination of the manicure. It should be remembered that the staining of the fingernails in different colors pedicure should be relatively quiet. Better to paint toenails with varnish of the same shade.