For the first time this version of the painting of the nail plates offered Christine Fitzgerald – legendary figure, known to all who are interested in the art of manicure. More than a dozen years she has been developing products for skin care of hands and nails luxury, decorative nail products under its own brand, the creation of tools for manicure. Christina Fitzgerald is collaborating with fashion magazines such as Vogue and Numero, it's no surprise that a manicure with different shades of nail polishes became popular all over the world.
The selection of two nails a different color called a manicure on Feng-Shui, or astrology. In General, it really can be attributed to the direction when a tone is selected not under clothing, and based on the nature of the client, and even his horoscope.

Why two nail

It is difficult to say what exactly was used by Christina Fitzgerald, creating a new manicure, classic astrology or Eastern philosophy of Feng Shui. In principle it doesn't matter because the two exercises explain to some extent her choice. According to astrology, the planet middle finger – Saturn, it is responsible for the success and luck in business, career, and everything connected with money. And unnamed the finger of the Sun, it not only attracts other planets to themselves, but also beneficial to Affairs of the heart.

It to attract good luck in these areas, the nails on the middle and ring fingers to paint with lacquer of a different color than all the rest. The shade can be anything, but if you follow the Eastern teachings, it is better to use tones corresponding to the elements of man, it will help to clear his mind and restore the body.
Of course, nobody forbids to correct it with nail Polish is the case in other areas of life. The thumb is responsible for mental activity, index – power, and the little finger – for peace of mind.

Why on the right hand

If you pay attention on the skill, you can often see that they are painted with varnish for the other two nails on both hands. From the point of view of Eastern philosophy is absolutely wrong. Because each hand contributes a particular impact on certain processes in our lives.

To enhance something, to give events an extra push, you need to select the area on the right hand. But the left, on the contrary, negatively affected by what is happening, slows down the process. And if the painted nails on both hands, then no result can be expected, in addition to decorative effect, this manicure does not carry any meaning.