If your boat does not fit into these parameters, then, before you put it in the water, you need to obtain two documents: this ship's ticket small vessel and a certificate in right of his office. Otherwise, state inspector for small vessels entitled to apply administrative punishment.
Annually, employees GIMS spend more than 85 thousand raids and patrols on water objects of Russia and the reveal about 60 thousand violations.

How to get ship ticket

Ship ticket is issued after the procedure of state registration of the vessel. For this you need to visit the nearest branch of the state inspection on small size vessels (GIMS) with the appropriate application. Required to present a passport or other document proving the identity; the document confirming the right of ownership (contract of sale, the certificate of entry into the inheritance, donation contract, judicial act entered into legal force, etc.); technical passport of the vessel industrial buildings, engines and outboard motors up to him with marks of trading organizations or user manual (service book); certificate of deletion of the vessel from other registries of the courts; the information to compile identifiers in the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SMEV). On request, the SIEC, members of inspection take other required documents, including information about payment of registration fee. The shipping ticket will contain the registration number of the swimming facilities, which then need to be applied on both sides with indelible paint.
The availability of rights to the management of the boat is not required if the capacity of its engine does not exceed 3.68 kW (5 horsepower).

How to qualify for a vessel

You first need to be trained. It lasts about a month and is in full-time, part-time forms remotely and, in exceptional cases, externally. At the end of the course you receive a certificate or the certificate of the established sample, which, however, does not give permission for a vessel. Rights themselves can only be obtained after certification in state inspection on small size vessels, which includes a theoretical exam and a practical skills test. For this, in addition to the above document on completion of the course of navigation, GIMS need to provide a medical certificate on the validity to management of small size vessel in the form approved by the Federal Executive authority in the field of health, two photos of 3x4, the passport and the INN. The rights contain information on the allowed type boats and lawful navigation area.