Advice 1: Why dark urine in cats

Normal urine in cats yellow color with a characteristic odor. Faced with the fact that the urine in home pet acquired a dark color, breeders sometimes do not pay attention to that. However, this fact should be cause for concern, because it indicates health problems of the animal.
Why dark urine in cats
The main reason for the darkening of urine in cats is the presence of blood and bacteria. This happens due to the presence of crystals in the urinary tract or due to an inflammatory process. But there may be other reasons. In any case, the darkening of urine from animal is reason for an immediate visit to the vet.

Dark urine color may be caused by violation of the blood coagulation process. In this case, the cat should be pinpoint subcutaneous bleeding known as petechiae.

Infections and stones in the urinary system

Urinary tract infection may be more amenable to treatment than uric acid crystals. However, the consequences of infection can be quite severe. Bacterial infection most often takes a bottom-up character and, reaching the kidneys, can cause serious violations in their work. Prolonged infection leads to the fact that the cat loses weight because of the loss of proteins. Also due to the fact that the bacteria increase the pH of urine in the bladder can be formed struvite - stones, gives the animal great suffering. In most cases, urinary infection in females is much more dangerous crystals (for males characterized by blockage of the urinary tract). If a urine test shows the presence of the animal and infection, and crystals at the same time, it is difficult to say exactly what the problem is primary and which is secondary. How infection can lead to the formation of struvite, and the crystals themselves, hitting the wall of the bladder, can cause infection. In any case, veterinarians prescribe antibiotics and recommend special diets.


Urine may acquire a dark, but rather dark orange color due to dehydration, so make sure that the cat drinking enough fluids. Canned food is a better option than dry food, so if you're having problems consider adding wet food to the diet of the pet.

A blood disease called thrombocytopenia, which revealed a low level of platelets in the blood, may also cause darkening of the urine.

Reproductive system

If we talk about females, that dark urine may be due to diseases of the reproductive system, under which fall the dark urine, bleeding from the genital organs of a cat. We are talking about such serious diseases as ovarian cancer, neoplasia, and inflammatory processes of different etymology.


Heat is a natural process, indicating the willingness of the cat to mate. In this animal there are menstrualnopodobnoe selection, which can get into the urine and stain it a dark color. If a cat has all the signs of heat, dark urine is not a reason for going to the vet.

Advice 2: Why cat drinks a lot

If the cat is constantly thirsty and drinks more than usual – you need to think about the health of the animal. Increased thirst can be caused by changes in the diet of the animal or the conditions of his detention, and could be a symptom of a serious disease.
Why cat drinks a lot

When thirst is normal

If the cat began to drink more – first of all, please note that any changes in her diet lately. If the cat has been translated from natural products or moist canned food to dry feed industry – increase the amount of alcohol consumed quite natural, because the moisture content in the feed is low. So the cat starts more and more to venerate the bowl of water to get a liquid that you had received along with food.
Cause thirst may be the imbalance in the diet of cats: a low protein content or high salt content. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the menu.

In addition, there are a number of natural reasons why a cat begins to drink more, thus offsetting the increased consumption of water. This pregnancy, increased physical activity, high temperature in the house or on the street, suffering a stress.

Considered normal and an increase in water consumption during the reception of a number of medicinal preparations (diuretics, corticosteroids and so on). If the treatment is conducted under the supervision of a doctor, this side effect does not lead to any consequences for the body of the cat, and after drug withdrawal water consumption will drop to normal.
Norm of water intake for cats is considered to be 25-50 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day. Increased thirst can I tell if a cat is drinking more than normal.

Diseases of cats, accompanied by thirst

If neither the diet nor the conditions of detention cats has not changed, and the water she drinks more and more – is cause for immediate treatment to the veterinary clinic.
Increased thirst and drinking excessive amounts of water is called polydipsia (from the Greek polydipsios where poli means "many" and dipsios – "to drink").

Increased thirst can be a symptom of several serious diseases, among which are:
- diabetes;
- insulinoma;
- liver tumors;
- hepatitis;
- acute or chronic renal failure;
- pyelonephritis.

In order to make a diagnosis, in most cases, you will need to provide a urine sample and get tested – only then the doctor can prescribe the cat's treatment. Of this disease belongs to the incurable, but still with proper care, animal will for many years continue to live an active life.

In any case, you need to ensure that a cat suffering from excessive thirst, always had access to water. Dehydration in these animals comes rather quickly, and the cat, deprived of the possibility to get drunk, maybe die.
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