Causes of congenital kinking of the gallbladder

Congenital kinking of the gallbladder appear due to the underdevelopment of this body. This pathology may not manifest in the newborn baby. However, when transitioning baby from breast milk to solid food the gallbladder begins to extend in size. This contributes to the overly elongated form of body, there appear constrictions, and bends. In the absence of negative signs in this case, the help of a physician is not required.
Often this anomaly is found incidentally when performing ultrasound of the abdominal organs.

However, in some cases, the abnormality may be in violation of digestion, a discomfort, pain in the right subcostal region. If it is significantly expressed, disorders are manifested from the first days of a child's life. As they grow up develop a variety of dysfunction of bile secretion.

The consequences of congenital kinking of the gallbladder

Congenital kinking of the gallbladder has certain consequences that are manifested after a certain period of time. To minimize them, you need to seek help from doctors and follow their instructions. A very important role in this case, is diet and nutrition. Congenital kinking of the gallbladder should eat a fractional, small portions. The interval between meals should not be more than four hours. Not recommended after a meal to lie down or exercise. From the diet should exclude fried and fatty foods, spices, food that increase flatulence, coffee, chocolate, cocoa (in large quantities).
When the inflection of the gallbladder dangerous is overeating after prolonged starvation.

The common consequences of congenital inflection are: the formation of stones in the gallbladder, chronic cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia. These chronic illnesses are due to poor diet and reluctance to follow the advice of the attending physician. In advanced disease or in the inflection of the gallbladder in severe possible necrosis of the wall of its perforation. Through breaks and cracks in the walls of the bile begins to flow into the abdominal cavity. The peritoneum is irritated and becomes inflamed, this condition is called peritonitis. This is a very serious complication that requires immediate surgical intervention. Peritonitis is often fatal, therefore, the appearance of acute abdominal pain you need to seek medical help.