For people with acquired kinking of the gallbladder treatment becomes necessary. This should take the drugs for three to four courses. Approx course duration is about 10-14 days. Purchase at the pharmacy, cholagogue, such as: Gepabene, Odeston, Flamini or synthetic: Nicodin, Oksafenamid, Tsikvalon. Take these medications within two weeks of the month for six months and repeat the treatment once a quarter. If the bend is congenital, that it does not cause any discomfort to the person.
Pass physiotherapeutic treatment, namely ultrasound and electrophoresis with novocaine. After the aggravation pass, do some physical therapy. Avoid sudden movements, don't lift weights, because this can also cause twisting of the gall bladder around the longitudinal axis.
When the inflection of the gallbladder limit jam, honey, sugar and confectionery. Exclude from the menu fried, spicy, sour foods, foods cook in boiled or baked form. Also, avoid very cold and salty dishes.
Use corn silk which is an excellent cholagogue, and corn oil improves the functioning of the gallbladder. Very useful pumpkin, raw and cooked, eat it by 0.5 kg per day or drink pumpkin juice 0.5-1 glass a day.
A good helping of bee products, such as flower pollen or bee-bread. Take 0.5 tsp. half an hour before meals 3 times a day. For better absorption by the body pollen pre-pour a small amount of boiled water (about ¼ Cup) and steep for four hours.
For the treatment of the inflection of the gallbladder, use the yellow gentian. Pour 1 tablespoon crushed dried roots and rhizomes of yellow gentian root in two cups of cold boiled water, insist night, then strain. After that, take 0.5 cups 2 times a day half an hour before meals.