You will need
  • Mint, chamomile, hop cones, Valerian, sweet clover, wild rose, nettle, red Rowan, tansy, St. John's wort, immortelle.
If you have problems with gallbladder will prescribe treatment to strengthen you will be able with the help of herbs. You will need fees of medicinal plants. It:Mint and chamomile – infuse for half an hour. Drink warm a third of a Cup.Hop cones and Valerian to brew overnight in a thermos. Take a warm half a Cup.Clover and rose hips is to brew in a thermos overnight. Make hot a third of a Cup.Nettle and red Rowan – brew as well in a thermos for the night. Take half a Cup of hot. Each of them should be taken for one month. Fees brew a tablespoon in 2 cups of boiling water. Each of them take a quarter of an hour before meals.
To remove the pain, brew a tablespoon of tansy in half a liter of boiling water. Insist in a thermos for one hour. Ready infusion drink half a Cup half an hour after a meal. The treatment lasts 20 days, after which you must make ten-day break. Then use the same way St. John's wort. Necessary treatment course is 15 days. And again, take a break, this time 15 days. Use the following immortelle. Brewing and drinking the same as the previous plants. Drink for 15 days. Then break for 10 days. This treatment repeat 2-3 times. Because of the bitter taste infusions can jam half a teaspoon of honey.
If your doctor allows it, drink hot mineral water in the amount of 100 ml. this should be Done in a quarter of an hour before you eat. Treatment can be continued for months, and then take a break for six months.
Very good effect on the gall bladder has a daily application of horseradish, mustard and garlic. Use them by combining with other foods for six months.
If the disease takes a severe and conservative treatments fail, then you may need surgical intervention.