You will need
  • - consultation with a gastroenterologist-hepatologist;
  • - Abdominal ultrasound;
  • General and biochemical blood analysis;
  • - holetsistografia;
  • - dynamic scintigraphy.
If you are concerned about pain in the right hypochondrium, disorders of digestion, nausea, heartburn, poor health, fluctuations in body temperature, particularly after violation of the diet, my skin had a yellowish tint, immediately consult a physician gastroenterologist-hepatologist. You will be assigned a survey.
The most reliable test results are available upon abdominal ultrasound. If you have appointed the survey, it is necessary to prepare. Follow the diet for several days, spend a course of cleansing enemas. As liberated intestines and stomach allows to obtain reliable results. Most often, the ultrasound diagnosis is sufficient for accurate diagnosis and further treatment.
In the U.S. you can assign holetsistografia. It you will be injected with a special substance intravenously or orally in pill form. Then, the doctor will x-ray diagnostics, which do fasting and after a meal. It allows you to determine how well the gall bladder does its functions. If bile does not accumulate and does not apply to processed food, it means that the gall bladder was not working.
Also, you can assign dynamic scintigraphy. It you will be injected with a radioisotope that penetrates into the bile, then using the apparatus the doctor will determine the degree of damage the gallbladder. The last two methods of investigation are applied in extreme cases, if diagnostic ultrasound shows that the stones in the gallbladder, and all the symptoms indicate a disruption of the gallbladder.
Additionally, you will be assigned to undergo a General and biochemical blood analysis on the basis of which the doctor will be able to deliver more accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.
Sometimes on the basis of the results of the survey have to conduct emergency surgery, as the presence of stones can result in dangerous complications not compatible with life due to the developed peritonitis and sepsis.