You will need
  • Pork tenderloin or ham - 1 kg
  • salt - 60 grams
  • sugar - 10 grams
  • coriander seed - 10 pieces
  • black pepper - 5 pieces
  • pan capacity 3 l - 1 piece
  • smokehouse for hot Smoking carrying case - size (WxHxD) mm 500х175х270
  • alder sawdust - 100 grams
In a pan pour 1 liter of water, add 2 tablespoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar. Add water to the coriander and black pepper. The prepared solution bring to the boil and allow to cool to room temperature.
Wash the meat in running water and put into the prepared and cooled marinade. The meat should be completely covered with liquid. If the marinade is not enough, you can pour boiled water at room temperature. Marinating meat should be at least 12 hours.
In a specially equipped place to dissolve a small fire. In the smoker pour alder sawdust on the grate to lay the prepared piece of meat, close the lid and put on fire. A smoker can put on hot coals. The Smoking process takes 50 minutes.