You will need
    • Smokehouse;
    • sawdust;
    • bream;
    • salt;
    • liquid smoke;
    • black pepper.
Before smoked bream, you need to buy or build a home smokehouse. Often those copies, which are sold in outlets are not spacious enough. For a homemade smoker, use any large container that you can put sawdust, bars and bream, closing the top structure cover.
Cooked in a smokehouse put sawdust. You can get them from any species of wood except pine. Perfect alder and fruit trees, adding to the product a special flavor.
Carefully gut the bream, freeing him from the inside, but don't scrape the scales. Rinse the fish under running water to remove possible blood and bile.
Salt the fish with external and internal parties, you can lightly lubricate it with liquid smoke and sprinkle with black pepper. Liquid smoke is sold in many major stores, but without it the fish will be no less fragrant. In this form it is desirable to withstand the carcass within 5 hours that it is gasolinas, and then wipe it with paper, which will remove excess moisture.
Put the carcass of fish on the grill, which will load into the smoker. So bream will not come into contact with the sawdust, thus eliminating the likelihood of sticking. Close the bowl with a lid and put on a small fire. If Smoking is carried out in the apartment, you must enable the hood to not bloat the walls and ceiling.