The smokehouse hot smoked a very simple design. Focuses on the smoke chamber. This camera will be put on the fire, gas or other heat source, which can give out the smoke by means of smoldering sawdust.
The smoke installation is quite possible to make from scrap materials. Very well suited for the case of brick and boards. This smoker will resemble a Cabinet with a door. Wardrobe is made with an area of 1 square meter and height 2 meter. Definitely need to build a chimney. Have a chimney must be the damper. In this kind of a Cabinet you need to install the crossbar. That they then are products. In order to regulate Smoking, you need to install a few steps.
In any yard can make a smoker. It is necessary to engage in the placement of the hearth for receiving smoke. The smoke unit can be made of brick or other material which is not subjected to combustion. Often used for this purpose covered with clay wattle. You can use boards, covered with iron.
That the smoke is evenly distributed in the cell, you need to attach at a distance of 10 cm iron sheet. Under the smokehouse place most often sawdust. They should be on iron pallet. What sawdust are a source of smoke.
The smoke is simple the installation can be done even from the two barrels. Put them on top of each other. Rails are mounted in the upper barrel about 10 cm from the edge. These rails fit products for Smoking. In the bottom of the barrel needs to be input for fuel materials. Kindle fire you have on earth. It then throws sawdust and coal. After the smoke went out, you need to close the upper barrel cover. This lid should be a hole.