To build a smokehouse. Homemade smokehouse are different, but mostly primitive. For hot Smoking the Smoking chamber is tightly closed. It should install directly over the fire or furnace and serve thick and hot smoke.
To prepare the products. To gut fish, rinse well several times in cold water. Meat cut into pieces of desired size and rinse in cold water. A bird to pluck, gut and rinse. Just chock-full of meat is not smoked, and aged cold for no less than three days. After the products prepared by the above method, they need to pickle.
There are two methods: method dry salting and salting in brine. In the dry method, the prepared product to RUB thickly with salt and tightly lay into a clean container. In pickling in brine folded products in a barrel or tank, but not tightly, and pour the previously prepared and cooled brine. For this to take water, required quantity, so that the whole product was hidden, put the salt 10 to 12 percent by weight of source product, sugar 5 pounds 2 tablespoons saltpeter and 1 tablespoon.
For smoked meat salt a month, the fat and the fish - not less than five days, food, dry salted, rinse off the salt and dry on cloth.
Hot method of Smoking. At the bottom of the smokehouse put the wet alder sawdust, the temperature is increased to 90-100 degrees and gradually reduce. Are smoked products quickly, for a maximum of two hours work is pretty juicy, but the shelf life of them is small.
Cold Smoking is a longer process and time consuming. The bottom line is in a long flow of smoke while maintaining a low temperature for meat to no more than 20 degrees, for fish - 40 degrees.
To make a furnace. From the furnace needs to move away from the trench at least three to five meters, at the end of the trench to put the capacity in which hung products, but is not tight, all were engulfed in smoke.
Put the firewood on top of the wet alder sawdust and maintain a light burning for 5 days.

Smoked cold brewing method for a long time retain the original flavor and aroma, and stored in a cool place for 5-6 months.