The symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.

Intercostal neuralgia is pain in the chest, which can be confused with cardiac pathology. The pain occurs in bouts, may be sharp, dull or burning. During an attack observed twitching of the muscles over the affected area the skin may turn pale or to blush. The pain may worsen with pressure on the exit of the affected nerve. It can give under the shoulder blade in the region of the heart, in the lower back.
To increased pain result in sharp movements, coughing, sneezing, changing position of the body.

In the acute phase treatment of neuralgia should be performed in a hospital. During the period of rehabilitation in the home therapeutic activities should be aimed at the recovery of sensitivity and function of the affected nerve. Treatment of intercostal neuralgia in the home will depend on the duration of disease, complications, and other factors.

Treatment of intercostal neuralgia in the home

In the treatment of disease at home in addition to the tablets prescribed by the doctor, used various herbs, seeds, buds of plants. When intercostal neuralgia will help tincture of the herb Rue. For its preparation you will need 200 ml of alcohol and 2 tablespoons of the crushed material. The raw material need to fill into a glass container, cover with alcohol, cover with a lid. After this time the infusion is filtered, pressing raw materials. Then make lotions to the affected area. To treat this disease, use potted geraniums. You need to rip 4 leaf, wrapped in a bow linen handkerchief, attach to the sore spot, tie a warm wool scarf. The leaves are changing 1 every two hours.
The sore spot should be warm by indirect heat sources - warm knitwear, woolen or shawl.

Fresh or steamed form used wormwood. The fresh plant to grind and mix with olive or sea buckthorn oil, then apply to the affected area. Procedure time should not exceed 2 hours. If there is no irritation, the compress was repeated after 12 hours. Based on aspen buds prepare an ointment. Raw materials need to dry and grind it, mix with vaseline or butter in a ratio of 1:4. The ointment should be rubbed into painful areas.

To relieve inflammation and swelling, you can drink a decoction of the buds or bark of aspen. When intercostal neuralgia will help iodine-glycerol mixture. Iodine and glycerin mixed in equal proportions to obtain a homogeneous mixture. In the resulting solution to moisten the swab and spread it over the back, avoiding the spine. After lubricating need to wear cotton underwear and go to bed. In the absence of contraindications for the use of iodine, well tolerated the procedure is repeated every day during the month. To help you can also perform breathing exercises by Strelnikova system.