Conservative treatment

Treatment of pinched intercostal nerve is aimed at relieving pain and eliminating the causes of the disease. To combat the pain using painkillers and sedatives from the group of analgesics, but also drugs lameziaterme: "Nimesil" or "Nimesulide". The expressed painful syndrome, not kupiruemaya analgesics and significantly worsens the patient's condition, eliminate with the help of novocaine blockade.

Local treatment of intercostal neuralgia and entrapment of the intercostal nerve includes the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointments: "Nurofen", "Nise", "Dicloran". They relieve pain, accelerate blood circulation and improve the nutrition of the soft tissues, relaxing them.

Physical activities include a set of procedures, which include magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, UHF-therapy.

Massage therapy aimed at relieving muscle tension, easing of muscle tone and increase circulation. All of these processes have only one goal — to normalize the functioning of the muscular system and to supply tissues with oxygen and nutrients. The intensity of the massage movements should be moderate, since in this pathology pain significantly expressed.

Physiotherapy and fitness training is indicated for patients with a pinched intercostal nerves. Their goal is to relax the muscles, relieve muscle clips and blocks, increasing the flexibility and elasticity of the chest and ribs, increase their mobility. Basic exercises — stretching, twisting and traction.

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is well established in the treatment of pinched intercostal nerves. The most common pepper rubbing, steamed birch buds, alcohol tinctures and sedative of tincture of Valerian. The affected area is wrapped, creating a greenhouse effect.

Tincture of Bay leaves has strong anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. It is rubbed into the area of the pinched regularly.

Ten tablets of Aspirin" dissolved in a glass of alcohol, put the bottle of iodine, insist 3 days, and then rubbing it into the sore spot.

Ointment of pine needles and warm pine baths help in the treatment of pinched intercostal nerves.

Fir oil is mixed with Valerian and RUB the remedy into the skin.

Tincture of elderberry or wild strawberries relieves the symptoms of the disease. For its preparation take a tablespoon of berries, pour a glass of boiling water and insist 30 minutes Use 5 times a day a tablespoon 15 minutes before meals.