Physical faulty cabling

First, you need to ensure good connectivity monitor to the power supply and the computer. Signal may not be the case if the violation of the integrity of the power cable or connections. Necessary to re-disconnect and reconnect all the cables, if no signal anyway, you can change the cables on the other. They are expendable, their value does not exceed a few hundred rubles. They can be purchased in any computer store or store office. If there's no signal anyway, the reason for its absence lies much deeper.

Faulty drivers

Often due to improper installation of programs or activities of malicious software, the driver responsible for the work of the monitor are damaged. Is required to reinstall. But for this you will need to use another monitor. It can be the role of monitor, laptop or netbook, as well as just another monitor. Before installing any drivers it is recommended to make a system restore point, if the installation happens to fail.
The cost of a new LCD monitor may vary from 1,500 to 10,000 rubles. Monitor repair can cost several thousand, so the user is free to choose between repair and purchasing a new monitor.

The physical video card failure

For the primary analysis of the problem video card is enough to look at her. It can be a lot of dust, the cooling fan may spin slowly or not spin at all. You can also see the status of the transistors on the Board surface. If they are faulty, they will either protectie or hyped.

If the video card is fully functional, it may need its diagnostics. It can be carried out in a specialized service center. The computer on which you installed the faulty graphics card, can be fixed under warranty. The same can apply to separately purchased video card. But if the warranty has expired, you will have to repair the video card on its own.

Diagnostics monitor

For proper diagnosis of the condition of the monitor it is necessary to carry in service center. Easy the user can remember whether there was excessive flickering of the monitor before its breakdown, perhaps it came from noise or odor.
Most often, if the monitor is broken, it is banal does not turn on, and therefore, reports of no signal may not be. But if it is, then this indicates a partial failure of the video output.

If the monitor is under warranty, the repair can be made free of charge. Otherwise, you will have to pay a round sum. If the repair can not afford, you can buy a new monitor. Often the cost of repair much higher.