Naturally, each user a little familiar with the device of electronic equipment and knows how to hold a soldering iron and a screwdriver, there is a desire to repair the monitor yourself.

  1. If the monitor does not turn on, not even lights up an indicator light (usually located near the power button or directly on it), the problem is likely related to a breach of monitor's power. Consistently check voltage in the socket, which is connected to the monitor (you can check plug a regular Desk lamp), the efficiency of the power cable (you can check by unplugging the power cord from the monitor and connecting with it by using another device, such as a system unit), the cable is securely connected to the monitor (perhaps a faulty contact and cable you just need to insert more tightly). If all these measures do not help, you have to carefully open the casing of the monitor and check the power supply.

  2. If the monitor turns on but no picture, the reason may not be in the monitor and the computer video card or the monitor connection from the graphics card. Check whether the interface is connected the monitor cable to the graphics card securely inserted into the jacks on both ends of the cable. Try to connect your computer to another monitor. If it works then the problem is your monitor, if not — probably a faulty video card.

  3. If the monitor turns on but the picture is distorted or from time to time appears and disappears, then the cause may be in electronic "stuffing" of the monitor. Carefully unpack the monitor and inspect the electronic components. If there are elements with "swollen" or bloated body, meet burnt contacts or circuit boards, that is probably the cause of the malfunctioning of the monitor in this try to replace the failed electronic elements on new.

Remember that in any case the most reliable way to fix the monitor to contact a qualified service center.