Advice 1: How to enable line in

Line input (Line In) is the input of any device (not just electronic) from which the output signal level proportional to the input. In other words, this is the entrance, getting in which the signal (the default) is almost not processed. In sound cards of computers line input is usually a type connector Jack blue. Used to connect to the sound card, guitar, CD player, radio, and other devices, the output of which does not require additional processing.
How to enable line in
Line input is typically enabled by default, and if the device is connected you don't hear sound, then you need to verify the following:

- you have the driver for your sound card?

- set whether line input as a linear (for some utilities sound cards)?

- displayed if the volume in the mixer?
As for drivers, they should be supplied on disk along with a sound card, or be preinstalled on your computer (if it is new). Otherwise, you need to know the model of the sound card and load the required driver from the Internet.
For some equipment manufacturers, along with a special utility drivers are installed, the extended analogues of the Windows mixer. For Example, Realtek. In such cases it is necessary to run the program and see whether the activated line. A shortcut for this program usually resides in the system tray near the clock. In the opened settings window, tick off or click the "enable" button next to the icon line-in input (blue input). After that, it should be included. To open the mixer or go to the relevant section of settings. Here you need to look below the volume slider corresponding to the linear input, has been raised. Otherwise, raise it.
If you have not installed any additional utilities or you don't know how to start, you can use the system mixer. It is located at the address:
For Windows XP: start > settings > control Panel > Sounds and audio devices > tab: Volume > Advanced...

Window opens system mixer. Find the inscription "Lin. sign in. Under it you will see a volume scale and a box to tick that says "Off". The checkbox next to this inscription must be removed, and the volume slider to move to desired volume level.
For Windows 7: start > control Panel > Hardware and sound > under Sound click: "adjust the volume". Then under "line input" to raise the volume slider to the required level.

Advice 2 : How to set line input

Linear input in sound device of the computer is used mainly for connecting microphones. Its setting is done without the use of any special tools.
How to set line input
Make sure that the driver for your sound card was installed properly. To do this, open the add hardware wizard if a device with no software is not on your sound card, that means it was installed correctly.
If the wizard offers you to install a device driver, insert the software CD in the drive or specify the path to the folder with the drivers on the hard drive. You can also use the Internet connection. After driver installation restart the computer.
Locate your sound card connector for connecting a microphone, he usually has an icon with the appropriate image or signed by the acronym mic. Connect the device, check its operating status and setup the linear input. To do this, click the control panel "Sounds and audio devices".
In the small window that appears click on the tab "Audio". Under sound recording, select your device and click "Volume" on the right. Adjust the microphone and stereomixer in its sole discretion, and guided by the purpose of the equipment.
Click "Advanced" under the microphone volume control. Adjust the microphone boost function (it is recommended to turn on) and the timbre.
Open the program, which will continue to use in the linear input. Perform setup, which would be applicable only in the framework of this program. Not recommended to put the minimum volume of the microphone in the General settings, it is best to set the minimum parameter, then the program adjust the configuration of this equipment.
Make sure that the microphone is turned on and working properly.
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