You will need
  • computer;
  • cables;
  • instruction;
  • - TV tuner.
Open the user manual of the TV tuner. Find description set. It must be set to the cable through which you are connecting the TV tuner to the monitorof the computer. Look in the box the device this cable. If the cable in this configuration no, you need to contact a specialized center for purchase.
View of the connectors placed on the case of a standalone TV tuner. Find the connector that matches the cable. This is often the VGA connector is blue. If you can't define it yourself, read the instruction to the TVtuner, where there is a description of all outlets on the housing. Usually in instructions to TV-tuners, a fully described procedure of connecting the monitors and to all actions attached screenshots.
Connect the cable to the TVtuner and monitor. Monitor this will need to be disconnected from connection with the computer. Make sure the computer is turned off. Pulling the cord monitorbut while the computer is on can damage the monitorand or video card. Do everything carefully, as the slightest error may in some way damage the system as external modules and software.
Connect the power to TVtuner and press the power button on the TV tuner and the monitor,i.e. Check that the TV tuner in the monitor. Make the required settings in TV tuner with remote (needs to be supplied with the delivery). Activate automatic channel search to generate a list view.
Use the antenna cable of the TV tuner to the image on monitore was much clearer. Indoor antennas do not provide the required signal quality. Consult in specialized stores or read the appropriate information in the Internet.