Before connecting the monitor to the computer was made only through the analog VGA interface. But a few years ago there appeared new types of connectors. To the existing VGA added DVI, HDMI, Mini-HDMI and DisplayPort. New connectors improve the quality of the transmitted image, it remains only to understand all this diversity, then connecting the monitor to the computer is not going to represent nothing.
The monitor can be connected even to a laptop as a second display
The worst image gives the connection of the monitor to the computer via VGA interface. The deterioration is significantly noticeable when the screen resolution is 1024х 768 pixels, and it has a resolution of most monitors with a diagonal of 17 inches, so for them, and for the larger monitor even more connection on more modern ports would be preferable.
Most video cards have multiple interfaces
Be sure to explore the available to you the monitor and computer to ensure they have interfaces designed for connection cable by which data will be transferred to. And the computer and the monitor must be off. HDMI and DVI cords simply plug into the existing connectors, the VGA cable has two screws on both ends, which allows securing the cord to prevent it from falling out in the process. Making sure that the cable is well seated in the connectors, turn on simultaneously the computer and the monitor. If the monitor does not react to the signal from the computer, this could mean either a faulty cable, or the fact that you are badly stuck the cable in the connectors. So again, check all the connection points.
Sometimes part of the cable includes extra screws for more secure mounting.
After the computer restarts, you will be able to configure the monitor. If the monitor was attached to the disk driver, it is better to install them. Most monitors works perfectly using a driver that is already included in the operating system, but it is better to prefer native driver., which will significantly expand the capabilities of the monitor, for example, will produce a higher quality setting wide screen. After installing the necessary drivers, you are ready to work with your computer, you have successfully connected the monitor to the computer.
Driver installation will complete the connection from the monitor to the computer