Advice 1: How to connect sony playstation 3 to the monitor

The best way to output images with a modern gaming console from Sony is, of course, a widescreen TV with a big diagonal. New TVs always have the support of a variety of connection methods. But it is not always possible to buy or use, so it is often necessary to connect your console to your computer monitor while playing.
How to connect sony playstation 3 to the monitor
Standard video signal output, the PlayStation 3 is the HDMI connector. Included with the console has such a cable, it transmits at the same time the image and sound, which is very convenient. If your monitor has an HDMI port you can just plug one end of the cable in the console, the other into the monitor.
First check whether your HDMI display. Look at the back wall of the monitor, to where the socket for the power cable and signal cable from the computer. If you find any connector marked HDMI, plug in your cable from the console. Turn on the monitor, then turn on the console — most likely, you will see a loading screen of the PlayStation 3. Please note that the computer at that time it is better to disable. Most monitors automatically switch to the active source, so if your computer will send a signal to the monitor, you will see a normal image from your desktop.
Some monitors have a Source button that allows you to select the image source manually. Press it several times until you see the message on the screen HDMI.
The following option applies if your monitor is a modern high-definition interface HDMI, but has DVI connection. The nest is usually white with lots of holes for the contacts. In this case, you need to check your monitor to support HDCP. It's such a security Protocol high-definition video, without it the monitor would not display a picture with the consoles.
Download and install CyberLink BD & 3D Advisor. Launch it and click check Blu-Ray Disc. Pay attention to the bottom line Video Connection Type. If the column next to it says No, your monitor does not support HDCP. Go to step 6. If Yes, then the monitor supports this function and you can connect using the adapter.
Buy adapter HDMI-to-DVI-D and AV cable from consoles with Tulip connectors (white, red, yellow). Connect the adapter to the monitor DVI port, plug the HDMI cable one end to him and others in the PlayStation 3. Then connect the white and red connectors to your speakers on the one hand and the console on the other. Can turn on the console. Resolution, and set audio output in the control panel of your PS3.
If your monitor has no HDMI connector and no support for HDCP, then there is one possible connection option — buy a VGA adapter Box. This adapter with one hand connect the HDMI cable from the PlayStation 3, and on the other side of the plug connector from the monitor and speakers. Turn on the console and can use it. Please note that an adapter of this type is from 50 to 100 dollars and often have to order in the online store.

Advice 2: How to connect two computers to one monitor

If you have a server and a work computer, there is a need to connect two system units to one monitor. It's easy to do if you use a KVM switch. KVM switch - a device designed for switching one set of input-output between multiple computers.
How to connect two computers to one monitor
You will need
  • KVM switch for two or more of the system unit.
Take the KVM switch. It has a socket for incoming signals (video card, keyboard, mouse) which will connect the appropriate device of system units. There are also jacks for outgoing signals, where to connect the monitor, mouse and keyboard.
Connect the KVM switch to the first system unit, connect the corresponding connectors of the video card, mouse and keyboard. Similarly connect the other system unit.
Connect your monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the KVM switch to the connectors labeled Out. Once you have everything connected, turn on the KVM switch. Display switching is done usually by double-clicking on the Num Lock key and the number pad, for example, figure 1 refers to the first system unit, and 2 to the second.
Before enabling KVM switch, carefully check whether you have connected all the connectors. Wrong connection may cause equipment damage.
Useful advice
To configure the keyboard switching system units with a special program that usually comes with the switch.
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