Biological properties of saliva

It children's saliva is fiercely protective of the small body from various infections, especially when the baby starts all that has got to pull in your mouth, lick everything, despite the non-sterility of items. In such situations saliva performs a bactericidal property.

The salivary glands create in the mouth of infants and adults comfortable balancing the moisture level that contributes to the efficient chewing of food. In the biological composition of salivary secretions contain a special enzyme that promotes the breakdown of starch into sugar, which is good for quick digestion of food in the gastrointestinal tract.
Profuse drooling in children appear in the period of teething, they make a painful process less noticeable.

The baby often choking on saliva: what are the reasons?

Don't worry if abundant saliva does not create any discomfort to the child. But you should pay attention to the process, with colds, internal inflammation of the mouth. In recent times there are cases when the child simply choked with saliva. The reasons of such behavior of the organism scaring young parents, because the very nature of the occurrence of such condition of the child is often confusing and requires careful medical observation of the baby.

Excessive secretion of saliva in many cases is associated with certain abnormalities in the child's body. Crush saliva can occur in the breastfeeding baby, with wet cough, with abundant rhinitis and also in case of deviations of the swallowing reflex.
Many mothers face the problem of stop breathing if you crush the saliva of the child in the supine position, whereas in the vertical position all the symptoms of a crush are instantly.

For colds in the lungs, the child builds up saliva along with mucus, which he cannot cough up on their own because of their young age. A large amount of saliva down the throat, and the inside trying to get out the accumulated mucus that creates a blockage of the airway, causing the child simply can not physically breathe, it is necessary to carefully monitor the airway, the child suddenly choked.

Many children can be violated swallowing reflex, feeding the child is unable to swallow large quantity of mother's milk, leading to a stampede by food and released during the feeding saliva. Such children should be fed steadily, in small portions. The defect is often the child grows to 2-3 years.

If the crush of saliva is constant, and the child turns blue, is urgently needed thorough medical examination.