To wean the child to pull everything in his mouth, clearly show him that raised from the ground stone much more interesting to consider eyes and fiddle with, rather than chew, and then spit out the sand and dirt stuck to it.
Be consistent and always justify their bans. Try very available to explain to your kid that the stone is quite tasteless, and they can choke. Ask them to hold it in your hand and in your mouth put a piece of sweet bread or biscuit. Teach your kid to clearly delineate the items that he can pull in the mouth, and which are not.
Often play with her baby finger games. They not only improve attention and imagination, but also promote the development of tactile sensations. Do the simple, easy to remember and popular finger games for children are "Forty Whiteside cooked porridge..." and "This thumb – grandfather, this finger – my grandmother...". As a result of such regular exercise the child's hand when meeting with new items will be released in the first place.
In the process of weaning the child to pull everything in your mouth is very important regularity. If you forbid your kid to eat stones and sticks, raised from the ground, a variety of gifts, decorating the interior of the home, and other prohibited items, be sure to tell everyone else the next of kin of crumbs: dad, grandparents, older brothers and sisters. It is very important that they also were not allowed to pull in my mouth all that comes in his way.
Do not be discouraged if despite all your efforts, the child will continue to eat forbidden items. Do not be discouraged and do not give up. Over time, the baby will collect interesting things in my pocket, a bucket or a bag, but to pull in his mouth he will be gone.