Advice 1: How to wean a child spitting

The child learns mainly by example. All the underlying positive and negative, he learned from the outside world. Parents can instill in their children kindness, compassion and attention to the middle, eliminating anger and aggression in the family. But sooner or later the need arises to correct the negative influences in the world.
How to wean a child spitting
Makes no sense to scold the childif he spits, attacking other children and different in other ways establishes its leadership. Teach him attention to people, or aggressive behavior will become a habit. If your child pushed the same age or spat at him, show how to do it and not explain how it is not necessary.
Go to the offended child and have pity on him, give him as much attention as possible. Seeing how someone else spits and fights, tell the child: "the Baby is bad and sick, go and intercede for him. We don't want someone hurt?". Have fun with your children, direct the energy of your child in the direction of good.
"Impossible" the notion of the child is not what that word means to you. He spits, as you say, it can not be done, but he spits again, to prove to you that it is possible. You need his behavior to show that such behavior is unacceptable. Do not swear or shout, of course, do not beat the child and don't spit in response. So you only approve of the child in the opinion that all it can do.
Quite often the baby spits or hysterics only to look at your emotional response, it turns out kind of fun. Mom says new words, gestures, "hurling thunderbolts" - isn't that show? So you should just turn around and leave, saying that spitting is silly.
All the attention give to the victim of the spitting of the child, not paying attention to the aggressor. All family members should behave the same way, without exception. If grandma will be astonished by such behavior of the grandson, all your training will be wasted. But grandma should speak with the child, not to entertain his showdown adults.
If the kid spat in the father, mother says that our family don't do that and regret the hurt, and the child quietly expels from the room. Never smile and don't laugh particularly "good" Chad spit, otherwise it will conclude that their actions gives pleasure to others.

Advice 2: How to direct the aggression of child in a peaceful way?

Children's aggression at the moment is one of the most discussed problems, which extremely alarmed parents turn to experts, or looking for advice on Internet forums.
How to direct the aggression of child in a peaceful way?

Often adults solve their problems through the manifestation of aggressive decisions, actions, and words. Sometimes it is so hard to overcome this feeling, to give him to acquire destructive power. Children are also susceptible to this. If with adults everything is clear, what about the kids? Where aggression is taken in them and where to disappear?

Initially, aggressive behavior helped to survive in society, to achieve their goals. According to psychologists, aggression is nothing like absolute power. Control does not allow her to go beyond the legal framework and to acquire destructive consequences for the person.

If the situation with conflicts in the team again, parents need to be patient and throw all his strength to class with the child. Perhaps the child is physically weaker than his comrades, then mom can write it in the sports section, this will help the child, will give confidence and entice. Parents can also arrange for baby holiday, baby will be the star and highlight of the program, to invite his friends from kindergarten. It will raise the credibility of the child in the eyes of their peers.

If excessive emotionality and captain Sebastian Pereira ... baby doctors advise light soothing treatments. Walks in the fresh air, restful sleep, warm bath with soothing charges, chamomile tea. And, of course, the most important - a child needs to feel unconditional love and attention of parents. Whatever it was, pampered or docile, meek or bully a student or a d student.

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