Why bad mouth breathing

In General, the human body is laid out in detail, for example, respiration certainly is through the nose. It happens because of cold or dry air passing through the nasal passages, humidified and warmed. In fact, the nose is a very powerful filter that keeps dust and harmful microorganisms. In addition, if the breath be made directly through the mouth, the cold air entering into the throat, may cause its inflammation.

When and why the child begins to breathe through the mouth

Indeed, the child should not breathe through the mouth. This can happen only when his nasal passages are clogged and he can't get them to produce breathing. Children can also breathe constantly mouth for other reasons. For example, referring to the normal habits. We can say that this is a very bad habit that will severely affect the health of the child. All because the breath of the oral cavity, the lungs do not open completely, using only the upper lobes. Therefore, the body does not receive the necessary oxygen. It may appear anemia, hypoxia, physical or mental disability. Besides, it can change your face shape - it becomes more elongated, the nose extends, and the upper lip is constantly converging upwards.

What to do when the child begins to breathe through the mouth

In the case when at night the baby all the time breathing mouth, you may experience sleep disturbance. To do this, check to see if the baby has a cold. I've found a stuffy nose, rinse it, you can even drip a drop a vasodilator. Usually the reason for this phenomenon is considered to be dry air in the apartment. Therefore, the mucus in the nose dries up, and breathing is complicated. In order to get rid of this problem, clean the nose using oil and cotton swabs. And further ventilate the room frequently, it would be better if you buy a humidifier for the room. If you do not find the above symptoms, but the child still continues to breathe through the mouth, be sure to take him to an appointment to an ENT doctor, possibly he had inflammation of the adenoids.

How to wean a child to breathe through the mouth

To avoid such habits you can use breathing game with your child. For example, covering one and then the other nostril, you inhale them one by one. But do not forget at the gym to make sure your breathing, breathing in through the nose, out through your mouth. Then the baby will get used to it and you will be able to avoid such troubles.