You will need
  • Computer.
Open any text file, or start creating a text message on forum, your website or blog. Enter the first word, then press "spacebar" on the keyboard. It is the longest key.
To copy a space character, put the cursor immediately before the sign or after it. Hold down the Shift key and click the arrow "back" or "forward" depending on the position of the cursor relative to the sign. The decal will stand out. Copy it using the right mouse button (in the pop up window click the appropriate command), or the keyboard shortcut “ctrl c” pressed together.
Locate the place where you want to insert a space and click the cursor on it (sometimes it's two run-together words). Click the right mouse button and select "paste" or press "ctrl v". Will appear blank.
To insert the "lower gap" perform the same operation, replacing the spacebar on the combination shift -". The bottom key blank is in the second top row of the keyboard, to the right of the keys "zero" and coincides with the key of the hyphen.