You will need
  • html editor
If you need to insert one space between words (when you press Space), do not need to perform any special actions, any number of consecutive normal spaces in the html code will look on a web page as one.
To preserve the exact number of spaces between words, replace every ordinary space characters "" (without the quotes) is the code for Nonbreaking space in html. For example: "Between each two word spaces". Non-breaking space is inserted between the two words and in order that they do not split when moved to another row. For the automatic insertion of non-breaking spaces in the text it is convenient to use a known tool Lebedev — "Typographer" (
Another way to insert the planned number of spaces in the html between the words, enclose the desired portion of text and tags . Then the words will be displayed in a monospaced font, but all the usual spaces between words when displayed on the web page will continue. Please note, tag there are features inside it are not allowed the use of some other tags: and , , , , .
A more sophisticated method of control whitespace processing: use the css property white-space value of pre or pre-wrap (no line breaks within the element and transfer lines, respectively). Specify this property in the description of the style of a page or individual element of the layout. Using this method, the font does not change to a monospaced font, and the number of spaces between words is preserved. Example: How to put a space in html code?Or: .free_spaces {white-space: pre-wrap;}... How to put a space in html code?