You will need
  • Keyboard;
  • - two thin screwdrivers;
  • program Key Transformation;
  • - the program Key Remapper.
The most important keys to the player - it's Shift, Ctrl, and Space. Gaming keyboards these buttons are highlighted, and the manufacturers add extra set of pads. What to insert the key blank, if it is out of order, and the keys were universal? Use the simplest way. Replace key spacebar Ctrl+V. To do this, click "start" then "Run". In the window that appears, enter charmap, and select the code 00А0. Just hit select and then copy. All right, you can insert a spaces Ctrl + V.
Redistribute the keyboard keys with the help of special programs. Take advantage of the program Key Remapper. Install with it new values for keyboard keys and mouse buttons. To make the change take effect, restart the computer is required. Just assign the Shift key as Enter, swap the mouse buttons. Change the usage of the standard commands in the game. The program turns on and off with the button F8.
Change the key assignment using the program Key Transformation. Assign the broken key instead of the spacebar Ctrl, or Alt. Accent shortcuts on one button, for example, is frequently used combinations in the game Ctrl+C select F2. This utility is useful because you can assign the same key to 130 characters.
By the way, keep in mind the General cleaning of the keyboard removing all keys may result in damage to press Space. Long key has a special lock, which if handled carelessly can be easily broken. If after cleaning the key was naughty, fix it using two thin screwdrivers. Pull out the key, slipping over the middle part. Then try to insert from both ends of the shackle into the base of the keyboard. Put the key in place and press on it until then, until you hear a click.