Bone marrow transplant is a complex procedure, the outcome of which is almost never the end is unclear. After all, even material taken from a relative and suitable in many respects, can not settle down. And then everything will have to start over. Moreover, in contrast to blood donation to find a suitable donor in this issue is much more complex as the connectivity tissue of the patient and potential donor (especially a random person) is often incompatible.
Doctors say that the search for the perfect donor you need to check a few thousand or even tens of thousands of people for compatibility.

All surveyed donors are entered to a special database of future donors, where they can find if necessary.

Contraindications to donation of bone marrow

Before going for the examination to become a bone marrow donor, please read the information on contraindications. So, cannot become a bone marrow donor is a man whose history is the hepatitis b or C, tuberculosis, malaria, malignancy (even if they are treated), mental disorder, HIV infection.

Also will not take a donor base of patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, having problems with respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. Do not get to give content and those who have noted an intolerance to anesthesia.

To become a donor should ideally be people aged from 18 to 55 years, preferably without bad habits and chronic diseases. Only this type will easily transfer apheresis (i.e., removing part of the blood or bone marrow).
Of course, if we are talking about critical and desperate situation, to become a donor will be able and those who have any mild chronic disease. Other contraindications will be saved, even if there is no escape at all.

How to become a donor

First you have to donate blood. Your samples will take research and will identify genes, antibodies and other components that may be important in the selection of the donor for a particular component. This analysis is called HLA-typing.

Once you pass this test, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, an agreement to enable you to register potential donors and will conduct a full medical examination to confirm that you are healthy.

Further, if you remain firm in his intention to become a bone marrow donor, you join the registry. And as soon as you are suitable in all respects to any patient, you will be asked to help.

Remember that part in the procedure of a bone marrow transplant is voluntary. And you can always refuse inclusion in the register does not oblige you to go to the end. But just remember that if you agreed, suddenly to refuse to participate in operation no later than 10 days before the scheduled date.

However, in this case it is necessary to take into account the psychological state of the patient, which you already gave hope to receive donor bone marrow, and then taken away.