Advice 1: How to cure joint pains through snow and ice

Traditionally, the cold, the snow and ice we are accustomed to associate with the cause of many diseases.
Did you know that with the help of the element of cold (and almost no monetary investment) you can get rid of serious diseases that are difficult even to medical treatment?
This is because in response to exposure to cold, the body responds with a powerful heat output and the intensive strengthening of circulation in the affected organ, increasing immunity.
Treatment of joints cold very effectively
Our ancestors long ago through trial and error found that the cold (snow, ice)are of great help in the fight against many diseases.

In our time snow successfully treated joint and rheumatic pain.
Arthritis, is practically not amenable to drug treatment, easy to heal, which are applied to the joints mixture of snow and coarse salt (sometimes just 1-2 sessions!).
To do this, 2 cups of snow mixed with 1 Cup of coarse salt with a wooden stick. Put on the joint, a small flap natural tissue and it is the layer of snow on top of a piece of polyethylene. Keep 4-7 minutes, no more! Compress, remove, salt to shake and not to wash the overlapping region.
Attention! Use this cold compress is almost always causes severe pain (aching, twisting). This condition pain you need to endure, this is the reaction of nerve endings on strong cooling.
Keep in mind that the temperature of the snow after adding back the salt falls from zero degrees to-8-13оС and so you can sometimes get a little frostbite on the skin. Don't worry, it will disappear quickly, and it's a very small price to pay for complete freedom from pain, isnurance for months or even years.

Another recommendation for the treatment of arthritis also similar in principle to the previous one, using snow pack.
To make some rotational movements in the knee joints (rotate the knees in and counterclockwise for 5 minutes to reheat them. Fill plastic bags with snow (in this case, without the salt!), replace them with fabric ribbon to the knees and go with these snow compresses for 5 minutes on my knees across the room. Then the packages to remove, knee cover with warm scarves and just walk across the room another 10 minutes to give the joints a light load.
Exercises are performed every day until the disappearance of pain. For someone will be enough and 3 days, for some 3 weeks.

In the summer you can scrape the "snow coat" from the freezer, or use crushed ice.

Advice 2: How to treat pain in the elbow joint

The elbow joint is the articulation of the humerus, radius and ulna. Joint pain can be caused by various diseases whose treatment depends on the diagnosis and correct diagnosis. Timely clinical examination allows to start adequate therapy and avoid serious complications.
How to treat pain in the elbow joint
If you have any pain in the elbow joint, swelling and stiffness in the movements in flexion and extension of the hand, immediately consult a doctor. You will conduct a visual examination and prescribe x-rays which allows to accurately diagnose the disease, on the basis of which will be prescribed treatment.
In addition to the inspection and radiography may require a General analysis of blood, urine, chest x-ray since the joint pain can be caused by diseases of infectious nature, tuberculosis. In particular, infectious diseases cause bursitis is an inflammation of periarticular bags, which often requires surgical intervention, sometimes extra.
The most common diseases that cause pain in the elbow joint are: arthritis, arthrosis, gout, epicondylitis, trauma. Treatment pain elbow joint does a trauma surgeon and a rheumatologist.
If emergency surgery is not required and pain caused by infectious diseases, will prescribe antibiotic therapy.
For pain relief the doctor will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets or injection and for external use in the form of ointments.
After removing the acute inflammatory process, you will be prescribed physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy.
The whole treatment and rehabilitation period, you should refrain from heavy lifting, to avoid traumatizing the joint sessions, to wear the pressure bandage, to comply with all recommendations of the doctor.
Nutrition should be rational and meaningful with the presence of a sufficient amount of fats, proteins and carbs, greens, vegetables, fruits, dairy and dairy products.
If joint pain is associated with gout, eliminate from the diet of fatty, spicy, fried, salted, smoked, canned food. Do not take any medications, not having received the recommendation of the doctor.
Do not self-medicate, do not the warming treatments without a doctor's prescription. Traditional methods of treatment can be taken as a concomitant therapy to the main treatment, which is developed individually for each patient given the correct diagnosis.
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