Hand over to the state. The easiest, but not particularly monetary way, as is only issued a certain percentage for all the products, and not the entire amount.
Turn to the stores. Can wholesale and retail. But for successful trading and fixed return better turn retail, as there are situations when the relationship between the buyer and seller can dramatically stopped because of the many unforeseen factors: more favorable conditions on the side of the reduced cost.
Selling at fairs. Once a year, and in some cities – Grodno, Moscow – twice held specialized fair of honey. To participate in them, pour honey on plastic containers of different sizes; will pay a certain amount for the space occupied. The price is better to install with a small wrap that was left with net profit.
Post a ad. This option is suitable for villagers and those who have no access to the Internet. Glued the ads on all the lampposts, bus stops and so on with the obligatory indication of the telephone.
Advertise on the Board and in the Newspapers. There are free and paid advertising applications, as well as Newspapers, in which you can place your ad. In addition, there are special boards both in reality and in the Internet, where you can also place your ads.
Post ads on Internet forums. Sign up at any grocery forum and place your ad and join a group of beekeepers.
Trade through an intermediary. Give all products a special person, but the profit is very small. If desired, the broker comes with products at home.
Trade on markets or the highway. Another option for getting rid of honey and making a profit. But there are two conditions for successful trading: paying places in the market and willingness to sell in any weather.