All lost their form and color clothes must be removed from the wardrobe - they'll go for the release. Things you for various reasons, were not of the last two years, you will hardly have to wear, so they, too, pull it out of the wardrobe and put separately. Exceptions are only exclusive things, as they eventually increase in price in 20 years will turn into a vintage.
After the closet audit, you will have a lot of space in the closet and a mountain of different unnecessary things. If things are in good or satisfactory condition, they can hand over money. There are a few interesting options that you can use. In the Commission shops you can buy very interesting things at below market price. Take stores all sorts of things, but only in good condition. Price can set the owner of things or it will make the store itself. After selling a small percentage of the proceeds takes shop for services rendered in the marketing of things, and the remaining money is paid to you.
Baby consignment shops are very popular, because children grow quickly and do not always have time to wear all of the acquired clothes. And buying in the markets and in the shops of new clothing is a bit problematic. In such cases, buyers are very helpful thrift shop, you can not only sell small things, but just to exchange for others that your baby will fit. Also in these stores you can sell the stroller, playpen, bike and other baby supplies.
Brand stores also accept things with it. However, there occurs buying and selling only branded things. In these shops you can take the shoes, bags, hats, outerwear and other things that have the brand label. In these shops at resale hold a certain percentage of the amount of the proceeds and give the rest to the owner of a piece of clothing.