One of the best ways to implement small batch of honey – sales retail. To do this, do not be lazy self to stand behind the counter at any small market, putting the optimal and at the same time comfortable price for you. Good natural honey at a reasonable cost dismantled quite quickly.
If the same do not want to sell, advertise in the local newspaper. To do this, make a short, succinct and at the same time eye-catching text. It should indicate the quality of honey sold, its type and value. And, of course, write your phone number. This is also one of the most effective ways to sell products of beekeeping. And if your honey is really tasty and high quality, first customers will come back to you and even bring in new fans of honey.
To sell such a wonderful product with the help of the Internet. To do this, place information about it on various free sites. There you can advertise your product in more detail and even attach photos of high quality that can also promote the sales of honey.
If you want to sell honey in bulk, make sure to specify this in the ad and write the price. Or just specify that they sell their honey in bulk cheap – this word often has a magical effect on the buyer. Dealers of honey always browsing the ads in the Newspapers and on the Internet, choosing the most advantageous offers.
But if you want to increase sales, create your own website. There you will be able at any time to place all the necessary information about the product: cost, types of honey, its quality, properties or, for example, the terms of use. Thus, you will be able to sell their goods all over Russia and even abroad. In addition, the availability of the website will create an impression about the reliability of the manufacturer.