Blood service

Today for the systematization of donor movement in Russia created by the blood Service, which is an advanced structure that combines all the medical institutions (or their branches) to assist in the procurement, processing, storage and safe use of donated blood. Russian blood Service has assumed a responsible mission to be a bridge between the donor who gives his blood and patients who need it.

Objectives of the blood Service

Uninterrupted supply of medical institutions of donor blood and its components. Work with the voluntary donors for blood collection, screening, processing and separation of blood components. In the direct responsibilities of the center include the storage of conserved blood special storage and transport her to medical institutions of Russia.

The development of voluntary donor movement across the country. According to statistics, donors, volunteers, unpaid their blood to give more reliable data about the state of his health. All regular donors are held periodically examination, knowing that their health directly affects the health of patients in need of blood transfusion. Today, the blood Service continuously provides informational and organizational support to all donor organizations.

Who can be a donor

To be a donor may every able-bodied citizen of Russia, in the absence of medical contraindications, age is more than 18 years, weight 50 kg, which is registered in the region that will host the blood.

To donate blood in Moscow

Today in the capital of Russia is about 25 blood transfusion stations (BTS), which receive blood only from citizens of the Russian Federation. The Moscow donors can donate blood at any convenient SPK.

SPK Moscow regional, Moscow, Metallurgov street, 37A. This regional SPK supplies blood Oncology center in Balashikha and Moscow region clinics.

Children's Hematology center them. Rogachev, Moscow, S. mashela street, 1. In this clinic treated children suffering from hematological and oncological diseases. All of them are in dire need of platelets, plasma and blood transfusions.

Blood center first Moscow state medical University them. Sechenov, Moscow, Bolshaya Pirogovskaya, 2, page 4. This is one of the oldest points of reception of donor blood to Moscow. At the end of 2012, there was opened a brand new building of the blood center. Donated blood goes to patients who are treated at 19 hospitals that are members of the clinical center.

Research Institute of emergency care. Sklifosovsky Moscow, Sukharevskaya B. sq., 3, K. 12. Takes blood for patients undergoing treatment in this hospital.

In addition to these SPK you can donate blood at any of the city clinical hospital of Moscow. For this it is necessary to know in advance about the schedule and the conditions of the blood directly to the hospital, where it is proposed the change.