For starters, look at his name: like it or not, whether it is consonant with your name and the road in principle. If your name known in narrow circles (e.g., a brand), you need to seriously think about whether to change it.
Some times repeat aloud the combination of old name and new name. Without thinking take the name of the spouse, if it is more in tune with the name, rather than yours, and if you are bored to death to be or Ivanova Petrova.
Ask the future husband and his family about how they live with the current name: do you often make mistakes in writing, do it by ear the first time.
Discuss the name change with their parents. Some may show their discontent and demand to keep a family name.
Consider combining two names. Note that the double name is necessary to take both spouses.
Decide what kind of name will be your children. Some couples decide to give the boys the name of the father and girls the mother's surname.