The name is kind of generic human difference. A knowledgeable researcher it can tell us about many things: nationality, possible occupations of ancestors, etc.
Unlike names, the range names are much more extensive. Meeting with the namesake carries some intrigue, while people with the same names can be set. To meet people with the same surname as you, is how to touch the "soul mate".
According to astrologers, the name can play in the fate of the bearer of the unexpected role. The harmonious combination of the name brings good luck and success. Studying of a psychological portrait of the individual in connection with a specific name deals with numerology.
Before marriage the girl faces the choice whether to change the name on her husband's name or leave your. You must decide which is more suited to her psychological type.
According to one opinion, marrying and taking her husband's name, a girl as if connected to the egregore of his family and part of his Family. If no children, with a further divorce it is better to change the name back to her maiden. In the case of common children's last name change I do not advise: first, the relationship is still preserved, and secondly, you may experience emotional difficulties.
The combination of a surname-name-patronymic is perceived as unique melodic bouquet that affect the harmony of the ego. Every sound from this combination gives rise to certain vibrations, reaching to the depths of the subconscious. For example, people are usually annoyed by the sharp sounds such as a door creaking or a "pin on glass", and the singing of birds and the murmur of the brook is nice to caress the ear. So it is with names and surnames. The nominal field is accompanied everywhere by man, not by chance the name is the sweetest sound for him.
However, if you do not have a very euphonious name, is not a reason to be upset. According to psychologists, is often what people with unusual names emerge the leaders, achieve impressive results. The point is that such names attract attention and therefore motivate their owners to an active and fruitful activities. Of the children, bearing the original names, grow up, as a rule, talented and extraordinary personalities.