You will need
  • -an application to the Registrar's office
  • -notarized authorization of the mother or the father, depending on who submits the application
  • -passport
  • -birth certificate of the child
  • -a court decision if one of the parents or one parent does not agree to change the child's surname child.
The woman receiving the status of a single mother registers the child for his name. For change of name of a minor child, you need to apply to the civil registry office at the place of registration of birth or place of residence. The application must be filed by the child's mother and the person wanting to establish paternity and to rewrite the child for his name.
In a statement, indicate the name you want to assign to the child after the change and the reasons that motivated to do it.
Additionally, the mother presents a notarized authorization to perform this action.
If the child's mother against the name change, and the father wishes to establish paternity and to record in documents of the child his surname, then he needs to apply to the court to undergo a DNA examination to establish paternity. Only after the court decision the child can change the name.
After her divorce from her husband, the child's mother can sign it over to his name only after the court decision, if the father is not deprived of parental rights and properly perform their parental responsibilities, for example, alimony. Because to change the name of a minor child only with the mutual consent of both parents.