You will need
  • Two empty plastic bottles, knife, awl, fishing line.
Find the two-liter plastic bottles, the benefit of such garbage in our days in nature much. First cut from one bottle its upper part, the one that goes into the cone. If you do not have a knife, you can use a sharp stone, piece of glass, and other similar items. Unscrew the cap from the cut off cone. Then in the same way cut the bottom from another plastic bottle.
How to make a trap
After the two part design is ready, stick the part of the bottle, which is smaller in another part of the second bottle with a lid. In your hands - the future of trap, consisting of two segments. Now they have to bond together. Along the outer edge portions of bottles, vdet one another, with an awl make holes in increments of 2-3 cm If sewed under rukoi no, a sharp stick or a heated nail, which will melt plastic.
How to make a trap
Through the work done in plastic bottles holes miss the fishing line, cementing the two parts of the structure together. If no fishing line, you can take the laces, any rope, even the natural fibers. Be sure to leave a long end of the fishing line or rope. Now that the end should tie the trap behind a Bush or rock along the shore. It is best to put the trap in a narrow place of the river, there goes more fish. In such an arrangement would be to catch small fish up to 8 cm in length. To get the prey, it is necessary to Unscrew the cap from the larger bottles. Fish will fall out.
How to make a trap