The answer to the last question is positive, you just need to take some steps. And it is absolutely clear, because idly of joy is not achieved. So, what to do if we have offended, and thereby spoiled our mood?

First, save your nerve cells. It is known that they are not restored. If you accidentally hurt, then do not take to heart. Understanding that people are not especially offended, I am happy. And as Affairs with a deliberate offense? In this case, think about it, is the person who deserves your love and respect would do? Probably not. Is it worth it to waste my life on those who you cherish? Is it worth it to get upset, to cry, to feel sad over this? The answer is also obvious.

Secondly, you should not forget to consider one important point. We all can make mistakes, so hasty to draw conclusions about the offender, is a big mistake. All takes time, and in such cases particularly. Sometimes looking at past wrongs, it becomes even funny. This proves the benefit of time.

Also, so not much to get upset it is important to remain calm and cheerfulness. There is nothing that cannot be corrected. Besides, there's always something good that warms the soul and uplifting. It is resentment and should think about it. In doing so, no grievance can break down and pick up joy. A positive attitude is ensured.