Welcome words and actions

Girls like to hear nice things. Do not cease to tell her that she is the most beautiful, the most beloved, the most desirable. She just needed to hear it. The girl, like a flower that should be watered. If you don't have to tell her compliments, she will wither. Women are very emotional, and they for a comfortable existence just need positive emotions. Your efforts will be complemented in your relationship.
Give your favorite joy, instead it will give you happiness.

If your girlfriend is far away and you have no way to tell her something in person, then send an SMS from a mobile phone. As an option – write letters and send them by e-mail. Carefully formulate phrases that you send. Attach your romantic emoticons, cute pictures, photos. Be sure that your beloved will read the message more than once.

Don't be afraid of frequent confessions of a girl in love. It does not require any effort, for it will be a constant emotional support. Declarations of love can be quiet and says in your ear, and can be spoken loudly for all to see. Girl a Declaration of love, looking fine and happy.

Do exploits for your favorite. Let this be a small but important step on your part. How you fight with your bad habits. Man, winning his faults, is proud of his girlfriend.

Nice stuff

From time to time give their favorite small gifts. Not necessarily expensive, they are meant to impress the girl, once again show its importance for you. Flowers, sweets, Souvenirs, beautiful little things sure to lift her spirits and set a romantic mood.

Reinforce their words with actions and deeds. When the opportunity look into her eyes, hug, kiss her. Tactile contact is very important for girls and promotes emotional well-being.
Attention is important for girls not only in public, but at home. Show her that she is not only the owner but also a lovely woman.

What she loves

Find out what your girl likes. Gifts with regard to her preferences. A ticket to the concert of her favorite band, going to the cinema, theatre or exhibition will bring your beloved a lot of fun.

Romantic evening, arranged for two, distract from daily vanity, will bring you closer together and better know each other. Prepare her favorite treats, turn on the music that she likes. Memories of this evening will give your favourite girl a lot of pleasant experiences.