Understand yourself. Negative emotions should not be suppressed in all possible ways as soon as they arise. Physical pain indicates that the body that something is wrong. Sadness – the pain of the soul, the impulse to internal change. Try to understand what caused a depressed mood and affect the situation.
You can start with external changes. Take care of yourself. Go to the Barber shop, treat yourself to a Spa massage, buy a thing long looked. Then do General cleaning, move furniture, throw out old stuff. Add to the interior of something new, cheerful. For example, the orange curtains. In all these cases you will not notice how sad displacing somewhere in the back of mind.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself. As noted by Dostoevsky, a man full of contradictions. Some people find a special pleasure, for a long time thinking about his loneliness and "nikounesbati". And do not cease to suffer from it. If you really want to stop the sadnessbe, the world gives you many opportunities for happiness.
Sports and proper nutrition is a great way to get rid of sadness. Because depression is often a result of "stagnation" of the body, or a lack in diet of certain substances. Besides classes at the gym, Jogging or even rafting down the mountain river is a good opportunity to meet new people.
Go "into the light". There is an anecdote about a man who dreamed of winning the lottery, but I never bought a ticket. To get rid of loneliness, not to withdraw into themselves. Sign up to some club, foreign language courses, go to the club. Looking for more opportunities to communicate with people who actively flirt, don't be afraid to openly Express emotions.
Be interesting as a person. People who lead a passive lifestyle, no interest in, soon ceases to be interesting and yourself, not what others. Travel the world, learn foreign languages, get creative, read different books. For diversified people, interesting interlocutors, people stretch themselves.
Do not judge others too harshly. Not having met a decent go on your own? A wise decision, but if desired each person can find a lot of shortcomings. And stay alone with myself (and also imperfect). Appreciate people for who they are, learn to forgive. Friendly attitude towards others, and in gratitude they will show you their best side.
Look at the world cheerful. Even if I feel sick at heart, smile is not hypocrisy towards himself. A good mood causes you smile, but it also applies in the opposite direction. Making facial expressions more cheerful, you will feel like improving your inner state and you will see that there are so many interesting people.