Don't have to do surprises for beloved on certain dates, such as March 8 and her birthday. Agree, she deserves more. Getting up in the morning a little earlier, write on the mirror a beautiful inscription. For example, "snow, darling" or "Sweetheart, thank you for being with me for a year". Believe me, it will definitely cause her a smile and a good, festive mood for the whole day. The question arises, what to write on the mirror. Can offer 2 options. First, buy in any office supply store gel glue with glitter. It rubs off as easily as applied. The second option, if the mood to please his beloved appeared only in the morning and time to go shopping there, vtihorya can pull out the bags of his girlfriend eyebrow pencil, eye or lip, but I warn you, if you can I will greatly mess up the pencil, the surprise will not bear fruit, but rather the opposite
This may seem strange, but you will pleasantly surprise a girl, give her socks. Yes, socks, beige, pink, blue. It could be a pile of socks, tied with ribbon, or in a beautiful package. Not on holiday of course, but just during the week. They say, fled from work/school, I thought of my beloved bought socks. And it just means that you think about it, that you care about her. And most importantly, they really will never be superfluous, and they are easy to pick the size, such as linen.
In childhood we all made Christmas cards for our moms, but girls get from their halves this gift is extremely rare. There are many techniques for creating cards: quilling, scrapbooking, pop-up cards, etc. And this does not necessarily be able to draw. And most importantly, if something not so, do not worry, because a naive Detski card will only cause the affection and admiration from your favorite
Have a picnic together. Actually to make it not so difficult. Eating enough to take just fruits and drink. If you will be a beautiful glasses or mugs, it will be great. Bring a blanket in case the sweetheart will freeze. Be prepared to build a fire when the temperature outside is much colder. The girl, wrapped in a blanket, can't take eyes off you, because you thus show their love and care. By the way, it is important to consider where you will bring your girlfriend. Better not be lazy and to go in advance, so not out of any mishap. Girl, as you know, being naughty
Prepare the dinner. It may sound trite, but men don't often do, and because they are considered the best cooks. In the cooking process do not let favorite cuisine. Advise her to do in the meantime is, for example, a manicure. Or dial her a bath with rose petals and all kinds of foams and oils. Don't forget to serve your dinner, use festive dishes, pour a glass of red wine. if you decide to make for dinner dessert, then it is better to purchase a ice cream dish. Second course can be laid beauty on lettuce leaves. It all depends on your imagination. And don't forget to light the candles