Restore the laptop to the state when it was purchased, begins with hotkeys that trigger this process. For Toshiba laptop it's F8, F11 or 0 to the latest models that you should press the computer's boot process prior to booting Windows.
In the popup after pressing one of these buttons the screen select "repair your computer" and press Enter.
Select the language and enter the user name and password that you usually used to log in to the system in the next two Windows.
The next screen prompts you to select the system recovery options. In this case, you should choose Toshiba HDD Recovery, which involves the full restoration of Windows to the original state.
You will receive a warning that the primary partition (where you originally installed the operating system) will be given to the original state, all data will be deleted. To protect your data from loss, you should periodically transfer them to another location, this can be another partition or external media.
The next window will show summary information about an upcoming recovery. Navigate to the following window by pressing the "Next" button, you will receive a final warning program about startup process and its irreversibility. Also, the program will warn that you interrupt the process without consequences is impossible, therefore it is better to connect the power cord to the laptop.
After permission to start the system restore process, a new window will display the process of rolling back to factory settings, the process of installing the software and drivers.
After this will only configure the operating system by yourself, choose country, keyboard layout, user name and password, time zone. In addition, you can register your laptop online for the warranty extension.