You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • - boot disk with the operating system.
The easiest, of course, go into safe mode by pressing the key before booting the operating system. Quite often in laptops for this purpose, F8, F2, F5, F12. If they help you were unable to boot the system in safe mode, you can go to the following method.
To implement the second method you must have a bootable operating system disk, or disk-Reanimator. Insert the media into the optical drive of the laptop. Reboot the mobile computer. Immediately on the initial screen, press the Del key. Should open the BIOS menu.
For many models of laptops from Toshiba to enter the BIOS press the Esc key. Also sometimes used F10 and F12. In more detail, what key should I use to enter the BIOS on your laptop model, you can look in your manual or on the website of the manufacturer of the portable device.
Now in the BIOS find the section Device 1st Boots. Select it and press Enter. Displays a list of the main devices of the mobile computer. In this list, select the optical drive. Exit the BIOS, it is sure to save the settings. The laptop will reboot. Then automatically starts the boot disk in the optical drive. Wait until the screen appears Press any key ("Press any key").
Wait for the appearance of the dialog box. There are a couple of options. Select "to Load the operating system in safe mode". Note that in safe mode the operating system is loaded much slower than usual. After full loading of OS on the desktop you will see "Safe mode". Upon completion of all operations go into the BIOS and set the 1st Device Boots your hard disk.