You will need
  • - Insyde Flash;
  • - USB drive;
  • - access to the Internet.
To simplify the process of firmware BIOS is better to use the software in the Windows operating system environment. If you are dealing with laptop Toshiba, download the program InsydeFlash. Version of the utility should not be below 3.5.
Download the BIOS for your motherboard. Visit the website Fill in the table by specifying the right model of mobile computer. In any case, do not use software designed for other notebook models.
Prepare your mobile computer to the firmware. Disconnect the device from the Internet. To do this, unplug your network cable or turn off Wi-Fi adapter. Close all unnecessary programs. Be sure to turn off the antivirus, or at least suspend its operation.
If the laptop works without the battery, then shut down the computer and install the battery. Charge it to 40-50%. Off laptop is in the process of firmware will cause malfunction of the motherboard.
Run the program Inside the Flash. Click search and choose the file you downloaded-the firmware. Press the Start button and wait until the program is completed. In no case do not stop the process or turn off the notebook.
If this way to flash BIOS did not work, then copy the downloaded file to your USB drive and rename it to bios.fd. Pre-format the flash drive in FAT32 format.
Turn off the laptop, remove the battery. Connect the power cable to the mobile computer. Connect the flash drive to the USB port. Press and hold Fn and F. In some models of Toshiba you have to use other keys. Now press the Power button (on). If the flash drive has an indicator light, wait for it to activate and release the Fn and F.
Wait for reboot of the laptop or just wait 10-15 minutes. Check the stability of the device.