You will need
  • computer;
  • program WINCRIS.EXE;
  • program Phoenix_Crisis_Recovery;
  • program Crysis disc;
  • the Internet.
For example, the model is Acer Aspire 7520. To do a restore BIOS configure the system settings. To do this, prepare a working computer or notebook, where installed Windows and have the drive. Needs to be in the presence of the USB drive, dump the BIOS. Search the web for a utility that will allow you to create an emergency floppy disk WINCRIS.EXE and Phoenix_Crisis_Recovery.exe. You can download it on the website
Having prepared everything necessary for the work can begin to restore the BIOS. On a working PC, create an emergency floppy disk with one of the utility. It is necessary to record a dump of the BIOS, which is bios.wph. You should have recorded three files and only these: MINIDOS.SYS, PHLASH16.EXE and the BIOS.WPH. The battery on the laptop need to disconnect. Then plug in the USB drive.
Insert a recorded disk. Press the two keys that will be selected for initialization. Process starts reading from the floppy disk information. Time it will take a bit. Then wait till the laptop shuts down. Then turn it on. Will start the download process. If this process will fail with an error, then you have to enter the BIOS, reset all settings by pressing F9.
Can be done differently. Download online Crysis disc. Take the USB stick and downloaded the file put it on her. Download the archive with the BIOS which matches your model of laptop. The same record on a flash drive. Then insert it into the laptop. Run the files you need. Press Start. Remove the battery from the laptop. Plug in a flash drive and simultaneously press the Fn and Esc. While holding them, connect the power to the network and turn on your laptop. After a couple of minutes the restore process is complete. The laptop will reboot and you will be back to insert the battery.