You will need
  • - boot disk with Windows XP.
Insert the startup disk into the optical drive of the computer. Then restart the PC. On the original screen system start up press the DEL key, often used to open the BIOS menu. If the DEL you cannot access the BIOS, check the manual for your motherboard. So there must be information on the keys to enter different modes settings.
In the BIOS look for an option 1st Boot Device. Select it and press Enter. In the list that appears, select the optical drive. Exit the BIOS, be sure you save the settings. The computer will reboot. The disc in the optical drive starts to spin. At this point, press any key. You activate boot disk. Wait until the first dialog box.
Next, you will learn the process of restoring the operating system using the console for example a boot disk with Windows XP. After the appearance of the initial screen, press R. In the next window select the operating system to restore. If it is one, then you will see the folder C: \WINDOWS. Press the Enter key.
A line will appear. In this line, type fixboot. Then press Enter and press Y. will Start the fix boot sector of the operating system. After notification that the new boot sector was successfully created, type the command fixmbr. Then press Y. you Will create a new boot record. Since its establishment in line, enter Exit. The computer will reboot and start in normal mode. The system is restored.
After all activity is complete, re-enter the BIOS menu of the computer. Select 1st Boot Device and select hard disk. If this is not done, the presence of any media in the optical drive, the computer will run slower.