Before starting the recovery operation of the system should be stored on a USB flash drive (disk) all the necessary materials: files, photos and other documents. To reinstall the OS utility Recoveri (licensed Windows installer), different brands of laptops it is called differently, for example, on Samsunge – Recoveri Solution, Toshiba – Recoveri Wizard. To reinstall the system with this utility and requires neither the installation disc nor the drive, nor a deep knowledge of the software. The entire process of system recovery takes no more than 20-30 minutes.

When you turn on the computer press the hotkey for Samsunga is F4, Toshiba is F8, and the “enter” button. Room keys responsible for the recovery, you can find out more by calling the hotline of the manufacturer. Opens the program recoveri, click on "restore" and click "next" – will open three window:

- total restoration – quickly restoring essential files while maintaining the personal data;

- full restore overwrites the entire disk for full recovery of the computer;

- restore data – restore user data using the backup.

Select "full recovery" − all programs with the laptop removed, leaving only the factory default settings.

Practically, before you "clean sheet" - connect to the Internet, download and install the program. Computer with new operating system ready to work. So reinstalling Windows 7 is possible, if the notebook is initially installed a licensed Windows system.