You will need
  • - Windows boot disk;
  • - screwdriver set.
Start with inspection of the operating system. If your laptop turns on correctly, but hangs during Windows startup, then the cause of the problem lies in the OS. Use the "system Restore".
If this does not resolve the problem with the launch of Windows re-install the operating system on the mobile computer. To do this, use the original boot disk.
In that situation, when the cause of the problem is not the operating system, try resetting the motherboard. Turn on your computer and examine the description of the function keys. Open the BIOS menu by pressing the desired button.
In the opening window, select the box Use BIOS Default and press Enter. After running the alert box click Ok and again press Enter.
With constant reboots of the mobile computer, check the state of the battery and cooling system of the laptop. Unplug the power cord from the computer.
Remove the battery and reconnect the adapter 220 Volts. Turn on the laptop and check the quality of his work.
The main symptom of overheating mobile computer – periodic spontaneous reboot of the device. Disconnect power from the laptop. Remove the lower part of the body. This requires you to Unscrew a few screws.
Vacuum internal elements of the computer. Moisten a cotton swab weak alcohol solution. Clean fan blades of dirt. Make sure that on the motherboard of a laptop is no swollen capacitors.
Assemble the body of the laptop. Turn on the device and make sure it is working. Other problems of mobile computers, usually associated with damage to certain devices. To fix such errors yourself is quite difficult.