You will need
  • Help ITU, the individual rehabilitation programme.
Persons with disabilities or persons representing their interests, throughout create a social organization whose activities are carried out within the territory of the local authority. The state provides such groups assistance, as well as material, technical and financial assistance.
The main functions of organizations of persons with disabilities includes direct protection of the rights and interests of persons with disabilities. So initially disabled should complain to the local public Association of persons with disabilities.
A disabled person can protect their rights by all means not prohibited by law. You can try to solve the problem by referring directly to the bodies of the state or Executive authorities, local self-government. But it is worth remembering that all social services to perform the laying of their functions, are funded from the budget. And social services at the expense of budget allocations. Therefore, the implementation of law is likely to be delayed until the possibility of the authority providing this service.
In most cases, when you create obstacles to the exercise of the rights and freedoms of disabled people better to complain to social agencies for support and protection of this category of citizens. There they often find support and understanding.
If a disabled person has informed the employer of his disability and refused to perform their individual program of rehabilitation, in case of violation by the employer of labour legislation and labour protection in relation to him, the disabled person can complain to the labor Inspectorate.
If the disabled person believes that he was illegally deprived of the disability or reduced group, he or she may appeal the decision mediko-social examination. The application to appeal the decision of the ITU or the General Bureau submitted directly to the Commission, which conducted the examination or to a higher authority. The application can be submitted personally, sent by mail or electronically through the services portal.
Unfortunately, in our country, the specific mechanism for the protection of violated rights of persons with disabilities has not been developed and defined. In the legislation there is no special, characteristic only for people with disabilities procedures for the protection of violated rights. Disputes involving the rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities, shall be resolved either in an administrative or judicial procedure, and is regulated by norms of various branches of Russian law.