The incorrect attitude of the staff Pension Fund can complain to the Manager. As a rule, citizens are employees of the customer service, and therefore you need to complain to the head of client service management. To make a written complaint not necessary, because FIU works with the disabled and elderly, in short, with those who write and formulate ideas is sometimes difficult, there is an unspoken rule that oral treatment is considered along with written.
If adopted by the head of client services or head of Department measures seem insufficient or you are experiencing mistrust of these officials, please contact the municipal office of the FIU. There are also customer service, which will help you to solve the question left is, for example, in the area. However, in order for the abuser to be punished, need to get on reception to the head. Usually the reception is held once or twice a week, so about time to find out in advance, and even better recorded.
The top leadership of the pension Fund in the region is Branch Manager of the FIU. He needs to complain in writing, each request must specify all its account and contact information, and in order to make the proceedings as effective as possible, and write the number of the pension or a social security number.
However, most likely your address will be unsubscribed to one of the deputies. And rightly so, because every Deputy has their own specialization and can thoroughly and professionally to sort out your problem and take appropriate measures of influence on the employee who was the reason for your complaint. Usually alternate three: on the appointment and recalculation of pensions according to pension insurance (which, by the way, concerns all citizens) on issues of appointment and payment of monthly payments (we are talking about money for mothers entitled to maternity capital, and for disabled people who receive state support). All of the substitute keep a personal reception, to which you can also come.
On the problems associated with illegal refusal in FIU payment of pensions or compensation, and in connection with the infringement of your legal rights and freedoms, you need to contact the Prosecutor's office. The complaint must be filed in writing, it is necessary to specify your data completely, to Express the essence of the conflict, and also to attach all the evidence of your innocence (it can be requests, responses, and receipts that employees of the FIU must issue when receiving documents, Bank statements, etc.) within 30 days from the date of your appeal, the Prosecutor's office will prepare a response and report to the Fund imposed sanctions.
However, the Prosecutor's office deals with issues in the interests of socially unprotected citizens, as well as in the interests of an unlimited circle of people. If you, for example, the businessman who illegally Fund accrued penalties most likely will recommend you to apply to the arbitration court. The statement of claim to arbitration need to be especially careful, because it can be left without the proceedings on formal grounds.
It is equally important to attempt to resolve the dispute in the pretrial order is a requirement of the arbitral proceedings. To do this, you must direct the Trustee opfr letter in which to Express their disagreement with actions of employees and offer to solve the problem in the framework of the law. After 30 days you will receive a response to such a letter. A negative answer will need to be applied to the claim.
Please note, the claim you should aim not only to arbitration, but to all the participants of the future process, as evidenced by postal receipt of acceptance to the sending of a registered letter. Receipts will need to present to the judge.